Re-Painting and Re-Gilding

At Bambridge Brothers we take great pride in bringing a memorial back to the condition it was in when first erected in the churchyard or cemetery.

Over time the weather wears away at the lettering on memorials and it can become hard to read.

We offer a service that completely replaces the old paint or gold leaf on memorials for the desired replacement. In more recent years we have seen a big increase in the amount of memorials we craft that are painted in silver rather than the traditional gold leaf.

The reason for this is the longer length of time the silver withstands the weather for. Therefore we now offer the chance for memorials that were previously gilded to have the remaining gold leaf removed and replaced with silver paint.

As you can see from the images of work we have completed the affects speak for themselves. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our masons if you would like any more information or prices involved with this procedure.