Granite Headstones

19 Jun Granite Headstones

At Bambridge Brothers we pride ourselves on using the best granite we are able to source for our headstones. Granite is available all over the world in different Colours, Shapes and Sizes.

Granite is a very hard stone and needs an extremely skilled craftsman to carve by hand. Until over two hundred years ago granite was shaped with quite poor results.

It took a man named Alexander MacDonald from Aberdeen to invent steam-powered cutting and dressing tools before things became easier. The first polished tombstone to be erected in an English Cemetery was done so using Aberdeen Granite in 1832 at Kensal Green Cemetery.

The method we use at Bambridge Brothers is Sandblasting over a Latex Stencil. This gives our work an extreme amount of detail and opens the door to create any Lettering, Carvings or Design to suit all our customers’ needs.

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