Headstones in Darlington

19 Jun Headstones in Darlington

Headstones in Darlington have been designed, crafted and fixed by Bambridge Brothers for over 100 years.

As time and technology has come on leaps and bounds so has [NAMM Spec Ground Anchor] the quality of the fixing methods that we use at the present day to erect our Headstones in Darlington. We are BRAMM registered and adhere to the NAMM Code of Working Practice.

The NAMM Code of Working Practice was put in place to increase the safety of memorials once erected in the cemetery. The Headstones in Darlington are fixed using the Peg and Tube System or Nettle Bank. This consists of two 150mm x 16mm galvanised stainless steel rods cemented between the headstone and its base and a 600mm x 25mm galvanised stainless steel Tube driven into the ground through a precast concrete foundation. This enables a 140mm x 25mm Peg to slide inside the tube and through the base. All the joints are cemented together creating one complete structure.

The information above refers to the way we fix upright Headstones. Below are a few headstones that are within the regulations of cemeteries in Darlington.

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